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February 6, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 6)

When will our legislators and government employees at all levels be required to submit to random drug testing?

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When will our legislators and government employees at all levels be required to submit to random drug testing?

Contrary to Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan’s experience, the ability to get a deduction for a portion of our living costs is one of the major factors that influenced our decision to buy a home. The same is true for most of our friends.

Gov. Sam Brownback wants to change the state constitution so that he will have more control over the judges who are appointed. He is being too timid. Why not change the constitution to get rid of the judiciary entirely, and eliminate the Legislature? Just think of the savings.

I thought Republicans believed in individual freedom. How dare they tell people they can’t donate whatever they want from their paychecks?

Government and unions shouldn’t mix. Government has little incentive to resist unions’ demands, since only taxpayers’ money is at stake and unions fund many politicians’ election campaigns.

I’ll start justifying my “need” for an AR-15 when you start justifying your “need” for free speech, the right to choose your religion, the right to be free of unreasonable searches, etc.

Reduced oil pipeline capacity to pump to U.S. ports is causing cheap gasoline prices in Colorado. Why not in Kansas? I see prices going up here. Selling U.S. crude on world markets strips the U.S. of resources.

The Keystone XL pipeline project is ready to start work, with thousands of jobs available. But the president is too busy promoting his immoral programs and taking away the Second Amendment for all of us. He needs to act like the Christian he claims to be.

I wonder whatever happened to Sarah Palin.

The public is being asked to report police officers seen driving over the speed limit. That’s the best news I have read in years. I have seen them pass me when I am going the speed limit and change lanes to pass the cars going the speed limit.

To hear the national anthem sung correctly, ask a military group to do the honors.

I am not anti-dog, but let’s get a 24-hour-a-day barking ban before spring gets here. If I am in my house with windows and doors closed and the TV on, I should not be able to hear your dog barking across the street. Have some consideration for your neighbors.

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