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February 5, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 5)

I bought a new TV to watch the Super Bowl. The best feature was the “mute” button at halftime.

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I bought a new TV to watch the Super Bowl. The best feature was the “mute” button at halftime.

I was impressed by all the punching, gouging and kicking after a play was completed, especially by the Ravens.

I wonder how long it will be before we see an Obama executive order banning football – too rough.

I was amazed at the money that companies spend to see who can run the dumbest, most meaningless commercials. I have yet to see one that made me think, “Hey, that is a good one.”

The Chrysler ad supporting our returning troops was the only good one.

I wonder how many individual M&M’s would have to be made and sold to pay for the Super Bowl commercial. It has to be in the high hundreds of millions.

The checks and balances of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government have worked for more than 200 years. If the executive controls the judges, the whole thing falls apart. Doesn’t Gov. Sam Brownback realize he is not the emperor?

Building false self-esteem is damaging to the student who leaves school without knowing how to maneuver in the real world, read adequately, handle money or do simple math. Social promotion does a great disservice to those who may need just a little extra help.

If you promote a student who isn’t reading at grade level to protect his ego, each year he likely will fall further behind in reading and other subjects. Eventually he will learn what it is to fail when he cannot find and hold a well-paying job that doesn’t require reading skills.

We attended “Jersey Boys” at Century II and were terribly disappointed by the foul language. I grew up during this era and never heard this type of language. We will never attend another show without first doing research to see if it is offensive.

I miss the Christopher Elliott travel complaint column in the Sunday Eagle. Its good consumer information has helped me avoid some potential problems. Please consider reinstating it.

Dear Eagle: Please stop hiding our Parade and Comics in the ads. You can’t trick us into clipping coupons. Sincerely, every Wichita dude.

The woman in the red Honda Civic ahead of me at Starbucks paid for my order. It’s such an uplifting and fun thing to have happen.

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