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February 4, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 4)

It appears that the new tax policy in Kansas is to take from the middle class and poor and give to the wealthy.

It appears that the new tax policy in Kansas is to take from the middle class and poor and give to the wealthy.

Republicans don’t care much for democracy, where the ideas that best serve the majority of the citizens win out. Few of their ideas fall in that category, so they resort to voter suppression, gerrymandering and other un-American actions to improve their chances. It’s called cheating.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is clear: I have the absolute right to own any firearm in use on Dec 15, 1791 (the day the Bill of Rights was ratified).

As I stood in line for the gun show with my 84-year-old father-in-law, I couldn’t help but observe the throngs of people – young and middle-aged men and women, fathers and mothers with children. Then it dawned on me: I was seeing hundreds of potential criminals who threaten the Obama view of America.

Gun-rights supporters should stop using the term “assault weapon” and begin using some other term, like “semi-automatic rifle.” We can’t allow liberals to control the language and thus the debate.

Women want the right to be in frontline combat if they desire. Why don’t men get the right not to be if they desire?

So how is the military going to deal with women in combat units who become pregnant?

While Hillary Clinton thinks she’s going to be the next president, and she would have been infinitely better than Obama, she is in reality infinitely worse than the worst Republican candidate anyone could think of.

Despite her so-called emotional outburst in the Benghazi hearings, I would tell Clinton: “Yes, it certainly does matter.” The truth matters, and this administration trotted out a pack of lies in order to provide cover for Obama’s incompetent foreign policy during the presidential campaign.

Why hasn’t the federal government used some of the gold in Fort Knox to pay off some of the U.S. deficit? Could it be there is no longer any gold in Fort Knox? Maybe the politicians have tapped the gold already, like they raped the so-called Social Security trust fund.

It’s getting harder to support performances at Century II: no parking. This season the Wichita Symphony has been scheduled against rabbit, bridal and women’s shows. And Wichita Grand Opera was scheduled against the Starbird-Devlin car show. I give up.

For every senior citizen who drives across town with the turn signal on, there are a dozen younger drivers who either don’t know how or don’t care to use their turn signals.

Perfect solution for Chris Brown and Lindsay Lohan: Make them share a cell. Now, how do I reach their judges?

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