Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 3)

02/03/2013 12:00 AM

02/01/2013 8:22 PM

It’s such a joy to open a bill, in this case the water bill, and see that I used less but have to pay even more. It seems counterintuitive and makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong.

Regarding “If you didn’t vote, don’t complain” (Jan. 20 Letters to the Editor): Kansas Republicans hold a closed primary, meaning a person has to declare himself a Republican in order to vote. I and others didn’t vote in the August primary because of that. Otherwise, the primary results could have been quite different.

I believe that anyone who pays taxes has every right to express an opinion about state or national legislation, whether or not he chooses to vote. Gov. Sam Brownback obviously should represent all Kansans

What part of complaining about losing a tax deduction when you don’t have an income tax makes sense?

I am appalled that our governor wants to get rid of the tax deduction of interest earned on my mortgage. What would be the incentive to purchase a home if this deduction were taken away from us? What will this do to the housing market?

So the state government thinks all will be more efficient if the Kansas Department of Transportation takes over the Kansas Turnpike Authority? The only efficiency that government has perfected in the past 200 years is how to extract money from very successful enterprises until they go broke. Don’t ever let KDOT get its hands into KTA’s wallet.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Why will men believe a lie, an absurd lie, that could not impose upon a child, and cling to it and repeat it in defiance of all evidence to the contrary?” Politicians keep telling the same lies. Why do we listen? America deserves better.

Our president being compared to Lincoln is odd. After Lincoln was shot, even he wasn’t the revered figure he is now until smart people were able to look back and realize what he had done. Compared with Lincoln, our president will be nothing more than a footnote.

Hillary Clinton didn’t have the budget to protect the Benghazi diplomat that she never heard from anyway. You know – the same budget that didn’t exist because the Democrats haven’t passed a budget since before the introduction of the iPad. Not plausible.

Can someone tell me why the U.S. needs 11 monster carrier groups, each of which costs as much as a small city to run? The Russians, English and French have only one small carrier group apiece.

Boeing – another Chicago-based entity leading the nation in disaster.

I was disappointed to learn that the main character in “The Good Wife” on television is an atheist.

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