Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 2)

02/02/2013 12:00 AM

02/01/2013 7:52 PM

What will the legacy of Wichita’s millionaires be when our city is beyond bankruptcy, half the population has died or moved, and the city is a ghost town? This truly is a crossroads for what once was the Air Capital and a place where entrepreneurship prospered.

The legislative proposal for regulation of strip clubs proves that Republicans have no problem with big government when it’s big where they want it to be big.

An Opinion Line contributor said unwanted children are more likely to be born poor, neglected or both. Many great Americans have come from such roots. Who are we to choose who lives or who is aborted?

It is true that unwanted babies often are born poor and neglected. But do they have to be killed? So many couples would love to adopt them, and give them all the advantages a loving family can provide.

The lack of respect for others started with Roe v. Wade. As long as we continue to kill our babies, we will not respect human life. Respect of life begins with conception and ends with natural death, and until we learn this we will continue to destroy each other.

As Christians we are taught to trust God for our safety and protection. That is part of the reason why God allows us to have guns.

Every state in the Union has a well-regulated militia. It’s called the National Guard.

Gun-free zones are the preferred shooting galleries of murdering psychopaths. Gun-free zones disarm law-abiding citizens. Criminals bent on murder couldn’t care less about any gun-restricting law. It makes them safer.

Stronger gun laws will take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, and will deter the type of people who might have stopped the Sandy Hook murders. President Obama’s ideas restrict our freedoms and are meaningless “feel-good” proposals.

Let’s ban all guns and keep our criminals safe.

Forget about gun bans. They won’t help. To protect our students, secure the schools.

Remember the people who rushed out to buy up all the Twinkies when they thought there wouldn’t be any more made? Makes me think of the people rushing out to buy guns. Unfortunately, those guns are a lot more dangerous than Twinkies, which take a long time to kill you.

I notice that Republicans never seem to mention that the debt ceiling was raised 18 times under President Reagan.

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