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February 4, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 4)

As grumpy as Sen. John McCain has been lately, I doubt if he would even vote for John McCain for a Cabinet position.

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As grumpy as Sen. John McCain has been lately, I doubt if he would even vote for John McCain for a Cabinet position.

So the big unions just had to have the Democrats pass Obamacare. Now, of course, the unions don’t want it after all and we’re stuck with all the higher costs of health care.

If women want to be on the front line of combat, all women should be in the next draft as well.

America does not need immigration “reform.” It needs immigration reversal.

President Obama flew to Las Vegas to make a speech about immigration reform. Couldn’t he have given the speech in Washington, D.C., and saved all that fuel for Air Force One? This president spends money like a drunken sailor, except a drunken sailor is spending his own money.

Obama pushing “gay rights” is now spreading. If the Boy Scouts of America changes its policy, it will no longer be a safe place for boys to learn so much. The BSA is a great organization. Why ruin it by becoming politically correct?

If the Boy Scout dilemma is about numbers (not enough boys’ fees and dues to support six-figure salaries), maybe the scaling back needs to be at the top.

Thanks, GOP. We just ran our household’s 2012 taxes as they would be with the small cut the governor proposed and the offsets he wants, by ending the deductions we now get for mortgage interest and property taxes. Those changes will bless us with higher taxes.

I don’t understand all these taxation debates in Kansas. If the goal is to benefit all residents in the state, just get rid of the food sales tax and be done with it, and get back to more important things to help Kansas residents.

Please stay out of the self-checkout line if you don’t know the system. Go to the other checkout lanes with the check writers.

The last thing we want to see when we tune in the local TV stations is national and international news. Between the commercials and weather overkill, we’re lucky to get five to seven minutes of local and state news. We’ve finally given up and gone to the Internet.

It’s hard to see the necessity to be able to record five TV programs at once when I can’t find one program to watch.

Old coaches don’t fade away. They become sports commentators.

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