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February 2, 2013

Opinion Line (Feb. 2)

I finally have to accept that climate change is real, because summer and winter seasons are now only 48 hours apart.

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I finally have to accept that climate change is real, because summer and winter seasons are now only 48 hours apart.

I do not deny that climate change was, is and always will be occurring. The ones who need their heads examined are those who think they or any government can do anything about it.

People should take a look at the smog in Beijing and Salt Lake City if they don’t believe human activity is transforming our atmospheric environment.

The government should not be your sugar daddy. It should be your last resort.

Selfish people inconvenience their neighbors by parking in the street while their driveways remain unoccupied.

In all the cities I’ve driven, I have never seen more people blatantly run more red lights than in Wichita. I’ve seen people run lights in front of cops with no consequence. No wonder there are so many crashes. The City Council needs to step up.

Just because there are bike lanes on First and Second streets does not mean that there is only one lane for cars. Please stop turning from the middle of the street, unless you want me to smack into you as you are turning.

Now that the governor can do whatever he wants, why do we need a Legislature? It’s an awfully expensive rubber stamp. Without it, we might be able to balance the state budget.

Shame on The Eagle for not questioning House Speaker Ray Merrick’s statement that he sees people buy cigarettes and alcohol with their food-stamp cards (Jan. 20 Eagle). Cigarettes and alcohol cannot be purchased with food stamps in stores. This is a lie that will now perpetuate.

As a below-middle-class working citizen who has never asked for or received government assistance, I’m sick of having co-workers ask me to trade Vision card money for alcohol or tobacco. Let’s fix this broken program.

Egypt isn’t doing so well. I guess we’ll have to go back and put a different group in power.

What would Sgt. Carter say to Gomer Pyle about Pyle’s recent marriage to the man friend in Seattle?

San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver apologized for his anti-gay comments. He said those were the thoughts in his head, but not how he feels. This guy may have a future in politics.

KU, KSU and WSU get public funds. Their contracting with restricted services to televise sports presentations should be stopped by the Legislature. All citizens should have equal access to coverage of their events.

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