Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 1)

02/01/2013 12:00 AM

01/31/2013 5:24 PM

Schools would have more money than they would know what to do with if they could quit giving a free education to all of the children in the United States illegally. They are not entitled to an education here.

Lance Armstrong needs to be held financially responsible for all of the expenses incurred by people he sued who were telling the truth. Armstrong’s actions were those of a bully. And we know that a bully is a coward.

Lance Armstrong, the lying biker, is a piker compared with the pros Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

I am a man who is looking forward to helping elect Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama or both in 2016. Their husbands epitomize our country’s strength, and so do they.

In the name of “free trade,” our leaders are ruining our economy by expanding trade deficits, running up an unsustainable national debt, chasing American jobs overseas and jeopardizing our standard of living. Are you listening, President Obama?

We know where Obama’s intentions are headed since he spoke so little about the economy, debt and jobs in his inauguration speech.

Obama and his liberal cronies don’t trust law-abiding citizens with guns, but trust the Muslim Brotherhood with tanks and F-16s.

The NRA is like the tank in Tiananmen Square forcing its way forward. That tank stopped before killing a Chinese student. How many people will be assaulted in America before the tank of the NRA stops its hype about the right to own assault weapons?

Is the new motto of the NRA “If it isn’t 100 percent effective, don’t try it at all”?

Regarding the states that want the federal government out of their “states’ rights”: Nullify federal money they receive, nullify federal programs from which they benefit, and nullify any “pork spending” that goes to those states. We might even be able to balance our budget then.

I found that in 2001 I paid the same amount of federal tax that I paid in 2012, but my income was 25 percent less in 2001 than in 2012. It looks like that might explain why the federal government is in financial trouble.

Get ready – the only people who will avoid higher taxes are the many on the government dole. And interestingly, they clamor for higher taxes. Go figure.

Is it too much to expect Boeing to come up with a quick fix for its battery problem when The Eagle can’t figure out how to keep from wrinkling the newspaper?

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