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02/01/2013 12:00 AM

01/31/2013 5:24 PM

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Why aren’t the city, county and state governments working to get a pipeline from the Gulf of Mexico to transport water to Kansas to be cleaned and pumped into the aquifers? Water is our life force. The river replenishment can’t do the job alone.

We are expected to notify someone if we can’t make it in to work. Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Skelton has a responsibility to notify someone when he will miss a meeting. The lack of responsibility and consideration is like yelling at the voters.

I don’t mind increasing school funding if it goes only to educate children. But the school board wastes it on athletics or unneeded buildings, and it’s ludicrous to use school funds to pay lawyers who sue the state for more school funds.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority does an excellent job of maintaining the turnpike. No changes are necessary. The obvious reason to combine KTA and KDOT is so the governor has access to KTA’s cash reserves.

With GOP support for immigration reform, Kris Kobach is now a Republican in name only and the rest of us are back in the mainstream of the party.

Listen closely. The sound you hear is the collapse of the Republican Party under the weight of angry white males.

A leader isn’t great until he can honestly answer his critics.

Obama dispelled any doubt that he favors Muslim countries and hates Israel. Why else would he give advanced fighter jets and tanks to Egypt, now run by the Muslim Brotherhood? It is the sworn enemy of Israel.

An aide to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said the Holocaust was a hoax cooked up by the United States, and that the 6 million Jews simply moved to the U.S. I am glad he cleared that up.

It was painful to watch WSU lose a ballgame to Indiana State. One lost game doesn’t make them losers. Go, Shocks.

We recently moved to Wichita, and so far really like the city and have found everyone to be very friendly. But what’s up with all the geese? I can’t believe the amount of goose poop.

Cox Communications needs a new advertising agency. Its TV ads make me want to drop cable.

Those who are wearing the Buddy Holly-style glasses are kidding themselves. They didn’t even look good on Buddy Holly.

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