Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 30)

01/30/2013 12:00 AM

01/29/2013 7:36 PM

It appeared the national news media about wet their pants over the presidential inauguration.

If Mitt Romney had been elected president and planned his inauguration on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, would he have been accused of being a racist?

If other Republicans are like Rep. Mike Pompeo, the party will continue to take beatings. Will they ever learn that their sneers and name-calling of those with different views are construed as mean-spirited? Their ungentlemanly words and highly partisan actions are unbefitting for those elected to serve all.

Those worrying about Pompeo’s mailers might want to consider Barack Obama’s two round-trips to Hawaii on Air Force One during his vacation. Air Force One costs about $182,000 an hour to operate.

When Obama surrounds himself with children and victims, hold onto your constitutional rights.

I just wish someone from the national media had the guts to ask the president why, if he is so concerned about “the children,” he doesn’t do something about the thousands killed each year before they even have a chance to be born.

The more I learn about the Democratic Party, the more convinced I am it is one of America’s most dangerous and destructive forces.

Americans need assault weapons like they need a hole in the head.

We need bulletproof school doors locked from the inside, bulletproof windows, cameras outside being monitored, and locks on the restrooms, which the children could use two at a time. I think it would work and be so much cheaper and safer than a guard with a gun that could be taken way by a student.

We could increase taxes on guns and ammunition by at least 20 percent, then give the money to schools to use for increasing safety in sensible ways.

Let’s see how quickly Obama takes guns from his special friends in Hollywood. He won’t. There will always be an exception. We the people will have to live by different rules.

I resent the Kansas legislators who want to drug test unemployment recipients. Maybe we should drug test members of the Legislature. I am 78 years old, have never used illegal drugs, and have not received unemployment compensation since 1969.

Hard liquor can be bought seven days a week already. Do we really need to make it available in grocery stores? Booze has no place where families shop. Keep it where it belongs – a liquor store. Besides, mega stores need no help killing small businesses.

I am looking for the “Made in America” labels. Join me.

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