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01/30/2013 12:00 AM

01/29/2013 7:36 PM

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So the next time Wichita schools ask for money, are we supposed to believe they will do what they say with the money? What happened to doing what you planned with the money that voters decided to spend? I believe another vote is in order.

How wonderful of Blake Martin to see a need and do something to help the Wichita homeless children (Jan. 26 Eagle). It’s an example we all need to follow to help the less fortunate in our community.

When the city starts imposing water restrictions, the golf courses should be the first on the list to conserve. You don’t need green grass to see or hit a ball. Or do you?

Sam Brownback and the Legislature seek to undermine the state’s independent judiciary by making appellate judges political appointees. Then public schools can be financially abandoned without court interference and poor folks made to pay more in sales taxes, as wealthy property owners get bigger and better tax breaks.

Those receiving welfare or unemployment benefits absolutely should be subject to drug and alcohol testing, as should anyone receiving any taxpayer-supplied benefits. And what can be purchased with food stamps should be more restricted. Our lawmakers must become better stewards of our tax money.

If you are fretting about the government controlling your freedom by destroying your guns, relax. Fret more about the destruction of your privacy. Be assured that nary a shot will be fired.

Customs, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette, not laws and government regulations, are what make for a civilized society.

John Kerry will be our next secretary of state, but I haven’t heard anyone talking about his extraordinary wealth. Oh, I forgot – we only demonize wealthy Republicans.

The federal government can’t control illegal immigration or illegal drugs. What makes it think it could control illegal guns?

Ban band pyrotechnics.

After I read Michael Pearce’s “A dog’s slow decline” (Jan. 27 Outdoors), tears came to my eyes. What a heartfelt tribute to Hank, his hunting partner for so many years. The world would be a much better place if more human beings strove for the loyalty and love these two have shared.

Tina Turner is giving up her U.S. citizenship to become a Swiss citizen. Wow – the big wheels keep on turnin’.

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