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01/29/2013 12:00 AM

01/28/2013 5:37 PM

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Beware, America: In the 2016 campaign, it will be Hillary Clinton for president with running mate Barack Obama.

Clinton was lying in the hearings. If you looked really closely, you could see her lips moving. Dead giveaway.

Joe Biden makes George Bush look like Albert Einstein.

I have heard that people who work are seeing less money in their paychecks due to increased taxes. Life is good for me and my friends. Our welfare checks and food stamp amounts will not change one bit. I think I’ll upgrade my computer and cellphone. What a great country this is.

Socialism does not eliminate poverty. It guarantees it.

It’s sad that the biggest problem in America is race.

Common respect, manners and decency died when they took God, prayer and discipline out of schools.

The governor’s efforts to bring jobs to Kansas are already successful. It seems a lot of people are going to be employed finding Bigfoot.

Gov. Sam Brownback asks the question, “Does it work?” If the answer is “yes,” he says, “Change it.”

So, a couple of Republican election losers get unadvertised government jobs, and the Kansas Governmental Ethics Commission may get a 9.3 percent budget cut so it won’t be able to do in-depth audits of political candidates or groups. Another example of fiscal integrity under Brownback?

Superrich libertarians claimed to be pro-life, pro-NRA Republicans so they could get a governor and Legislature elected that will excuse superrich libertarians from paying tax on their gargantuan income, forcing everyone else to make up this revenue by paying more sales tax.

Where is our subsidized air travel? Traffic is down at the airport. AirTran Airways’ rates are as high as any other airline, and flying to Orlando is $100 cheaper from Kansas City and nonstop. What are we paying for?

I demand an external investigation of the mice that took the marijuana from the property and evidence room at the Wichita Police Department. We have to stop the mice from using harder drugs. Did they have four legs or two?

I thought TV commercials weren’t supposed to be any louder than regular programming anymore. Am I the only one who thinks they’re still too loud?

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