Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 28)

01/28/2013 12:00 AM

01/25/2013 6:30 PM

Eight years of Clinton. Eight years of Obama. It will be interesting to see how U.S. history records 16 years without a president.

I agree with the president that we cannot “treat name-calling as reasoned debate.” Any Republican who disagrees is an ignorant redneck.

Leave it to members of Congress to only try to look respectable by not being paid if they do not approve a budget by April 15. The funds would go into an escrow account, and they would be paid whether or not they passed a budget. What liars and hypocrites we keep electing over and over. God help our nation.

Everything must be great with Obama’s economy. Nobody’s welfare checks, unemployment checks or food stamps have bounced yet, have they? Everything’s just wonderful for the next four.

Conservatives are concerned about protecting unborn babies, yet they seem to have no problem endangering born people with assault weapons.

The old Thompson machine gun (Tommy gun) has been tightly controlled by the feds since the ‘30s, with closely watched ownership, registration and taxes on its possession being a reality for years. The current AR-15 has a smaller magazine capacity but about the same initial rate of fire as the Tommy gun. What’s wrong with this picture?

Someone robbed a QuikTrip with a “bomb.” Let’s ban all bombs immediately, wherever they may be.

Real men don’t need assault weapons.

It’s a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs. I’ll justify my need for any rifle when you justify your need to practice your oddball cult religion or your need to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Gov. Sam Brownback may single-handedly turn Kansas blue. I predict that once low- to middle-income Kansans feel the devastating effects of his tax-burden shifts, they will retaliate at the ballot box and we’ll finally be able to answer the “What’s the matter with Kansas?” question with a resounding “Nothing now.”

Starting with this year’s session, the Kansas legislators should lose a day’s pay and benefits for every day they exceed the normal session. After seven days, they should lose two days’ pay for every day they go over.

Has anyone considered that human growth hormone may have played a role in Lance Armstrong beating cancer? How about we try giving cancer patients HGH after chemo treatments and see if we have stumbled upon a cure? Maybe some good can come out of that soap opera.

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