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01/28/2013 12:00 AM

01/25/2013 6:28 PM

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Giving schools more money may not guarantee a good education, but denying them enough surely will prevent it.

The folks who want Kansans to believe that much of the school funding doesn’t go to students’ classrooms fail to include the cost of librarians, school counselors, nurses and pensions. Please be more careful about whom you listen to.

If you think outlawing guns will solve America’s gun-violence problem, just ask yourselves how well outlawing drugs has solved the drug problem. If you don’t want to own guns, fine. But let’s not just allow the outlaws to have them.

Worshipping guns and following Christ are mutually exclusive. As Christians we are taught to trust God for our safety and protection, not some mechanical object of destruction. Gun lovers’ zeal resembles some strange idolatry.

Our brilliant congressmen and women, along with the president, zeroed out school emergency planning grants and tossed Secure Our Schools policing grants. Smart moves. We send aid to our enemies around the world, but can’t protect our children in their schools?

I’m assuming that when Obamacare is in full effect and we have all the health care we need, we all will be OK with eliminating state and federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

Concerning House Speaker John Boehner’s statement that the president is trying “to annihilate the Republican Party”: Why would he interfere? The Republicans are doing the job just fine.

Those who deny the reality of climate change are either incredibly irresponsible humans, or they are aliens with an exit strategy.

I’ll believe in “man-made climate change” as soon as someone explains why the ice age meltdown came about without man’s pollution. These seem to be nature’s climate cycles, and only God can change them.

Park City has restricted the number of chickens that residents can own. But what about cats, which roam and leave a mess in my garden and yard?

Cal Thomas said all those aborted babies could have been doctors, athletes, etc. (Jan. 23 Opinion). Unwanted children are more likely to be born poor, neglected or both. They are more likely to fill our prisons and welfare rolls than to become doctors.

Let’s hunt geese within the city limits.

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