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January 27, 2013

Opinion Line (Jan. 27)

I’m sorry, but if I have to take a drug test to make money, you should have to take one to get my money.

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I’m sorry, but if I have to take a drug test to make money, you should have to take one to get my money.

First the Legislature enacted voting laws to prevent nonexistent voting fraud. Now it’s thinking of making those who receive benefits from the state pass a drug test, despite other states having found very few such drug users. What’s next? A check to make sure citizens aren’t harboring unicorns?

Gov. Sam Brownback has it right. Get rid of the income-tax deduction for real-estate taxes. Such a deduction asks all Kansas taxpayers, homeowners and renters to help out the family who lives in the million-dollar house. You might deem it “reverse welfare.”

How are the proposed eliminations of home mortgage interest and property tax deductions, as well as allowing the sales tax to remain at its higher level, not hidden taxes? Because the Republican governor says so?

Cutting state income taxes is giving people money to spend or not spend, in or out of Kansas. If the goal is to stimulate the state economy, cutting sales tax would be better because it would all come from actual sales and all in Kansas.

If Brownback wants to do something useful, he should do away with property taxes, income taxes and special taxes statewide. That will leave people money to spend on what they want, and he can get it back via sales taxes.

Hillary Clinton is protesting too much about her involvement, or lack of involvement, in the Libya attacks that killed four, including our ambassador. She got a free pass. She is leaving. Obama will never be made to step up. Another Democrat sliding by without consequences.

After watching Clinton beat up the senators at her hearing, the Army quickly decided that women would do fine in combat.

As a female veteran, I know firsthand that shooting a gun and dragging a wounded 220-pound guy out of a firefight are two different things. If you can’t do the latter, the former helps no one. Opening front-line combat for women is simply political correctness run amok.

Judging by comments in Opinion Line and elsewhere, many Americans are in denial over the fact that we are not only out of money but deeply in debt.

Politicians who want to ram through new gun-control laws should read Dan Glickman’s commentary “Lessons on gun bills” (Jan. 20 Opinion). They will find that Americans get a bit testy when you start gutting the Bill of Rights, no matter how many kids you use for props.

I saw the front-page headline “Joint center in jeopardy” (Jan. 23 Eagle). I would think so. Kansas has not legalized marijuana yet.

Don’t be fooled – the Heartland Preparedness Center is not a joint training center. This is a United Nations-led Agenda 21 sustainable community. Read about Agenda 21, which says humans must be managed.

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