Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 24)

01/24/2013 6:43 AM

01/24/2013 6:44 AM

I see the cable network that Al Gore co-owned has been sold. His share of the proceeds was around $100 million. He needs to check with Obama to see if he has made enough money.

Is no one else incensed that those of us who work, save for the future and live within our budget now have additional taxes deducted from our paychecks because of our incompetent government? We did not cause this country’s debt. Why do we now bear the burden?

Why did we need 5,000 National Guardsmen sent to the inauguration at the taxpayers’ expense?

I bet if Abraham Lincoln could see how his personal Bible is being used these days, he would roll over in his grave.

To the person wondering how many “social gatherings” Gov. Sam Brownback has hosted at Cedar Crest this year: Do you also wonder how many “social gatherings” have been hosted by President Obama at the White House? I think not.

Brownback must be a Democrat in disguise. He has sure come up with some lame ideas lately.

On the news I some of the automatic, real assault weapons – many that hold hundreds of rounds, not semi-automatic that hold less than a dozen bullets – that protect Obama. Why should he be able to be defended with these weapons any more than any U.S. citizen?

The NRA should renamed PWM – for Paranoid White Male.

“If they make guns illegal, I don’t know how I will kill people by the masses,” said no criminal who ever drew breath.

If the government comes after your guns, guess what? You are outgunned. You should be lobbying for machine guns, fighter jets, etc. The government could use a smart bomb and wipe out all NRA offices and gun-manufacturing plants in a heartbeat.

I so don’t care about Manti Te’o’s love life, real or imagined. Let’s get back to Lance Armstrong or anything else, which would be more interesting. (I’m actually more concerned about Te’o’s possessive spelling with two apostrophes.)

I was glad to see that Fox News has signed up Karl Rove for another four years. He is by far my favorite of all the comedians on that network.

Sustainable development will not allow you to build a home on a nice 5-acre lot.

How much does the city of Wichita spend each year for lobby groups?

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