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January 23, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 23)

Kansas should start drug testing its politicians before they draw their government checks.

Kansas should start drug testing its politicians before they draw their government checks.

We really don’t have lots of spare money, but I would gladly contribute $500 to help move Sam Brownback, his family and furniture to any Texas destination he chooses. Who’ll help?

A constitutional amendment would not change or affect the court’s ruling regarding school finance. Can anyone say “contempt of court”?

Academics opine in The Wichita Eagle their concern that Brownback will fundamentally change Kansas. Yet not a word from them about President Obama fundamentally changing all of America. Now that’s OK.

On Inauguration Day, our flag should have been flown at half-staff in mourning.

“We are made for this moment”? Give me a break.

The problem with a socialistic government is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

Part-time minimum-wage jobs hardly pay for anything. It’s no wonder people are on welfare.

Liberals are concerned about protecting human life with gun control, yet they have no problem with killing unborn babies?

Have any of these disturbed and evil men who steal guns, then go and kill moviegoers or children in school, ever been identified as conservative NRA members?

Paranoia is as contagious as the flu. I am a 58-year-old single female who considers herself an average person. There has never been a point when I felt insecure, vulnerable or unsafe to the point of needing a gun for protection – let alone semi-automatic, high-capacity magazine versions.

“Is the NRA a cult or a religion?” It’s a moneymaking machine for a shameful industry: charge dues, solicit contributions, feed fear and panic to gullible “members” who buy in huge numbers.

You’ll have to take my life before you take my guns. It’s the American way.

I’m glad someone finally said it’s the person to blame, not the gun. Now will the journalists please stop using “military-style weapons”? We buy semi-auto guns, not “military-style” guns that fire at full auto or three-round burst. There is a difference.

If the gun owners are so proud of owning assault weapons, why don’t they put a sign on the house and bumper stickers on the cars? I think they are really not proud and are embarrassed to admit it.

The guy in Georgia who is suing the state because he can’t have a “GAYGUY” car tag should be fined $1 million – not because he’s gay, but because blithering idiots like this are the economic cancer that’s killing our country.

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