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01/23/2013 12:00 AM

01/22/2013 5:44 PM

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The more I understand our president and his principles, the more I am convinced he is destined to become the Abraham Lincoln of our time.

President Obama made it clear at his inauguration: He is the president of black people, homosexuals and illegal aliens. Rich people and gun owners are evil, and white people in the middle class are on their own.

I am white and I didn’t see a sign of equality on the television during the inauguration.

I salute the president. This old Kansas white man is pulling for him to have a great second term. Not all of us out here in the hinterlands are ignorant rednecks.

Obama’s speech inspired me. I am going to quit my job and let the government – you who are working and paying taxes – take care of me.

Why was the inauguration televised by all networks all day long? This happens every four years. Coverage of the actual oath taking would suffice.

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in 2016.

Don’t you think it was a little insensitive for the Obama administration to allow the marching bands to twirl and play around with rifles during the parade?

The music performed at the presidential inauguration was superb. The poetry was sublime.

If Beyonce is going to sing the national anthem for the president of the United States to a worldwide audience, the least she could do is learn the correct melody. And the word “banner” only has three notes.

I wish for once that the well-known singers could sing the national anthem just as it is written instead of adding their own clever touches.

The past three WSU basketball games had singers of the national anthem doing a very good job. The men’s group that performed at the Creighton game did an excellent job. Makes me proud to be an American.

If Kansas wants to drug test welfare recipients, then it also should legalize marijuana for those of us paying the welfare.

I have to pass drug screening, a background check and security check to get a job – to work my butt off for a living. But if you’re a doper, criminal or illegal, you can sit on your butt for taxpayers to provide your living.

There’s just something wrong about the “Fonz” and Fred Thompson selling reverse mortgages.

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