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01/22/2013 12:00 AM

01/21/2013 5:22 PM

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The governor selects appellate judges from candidates chosen primarily by lawyers. This is analogous to players choosing the pool of umpires for the baseball commissioner. How long before players only nominate umpires favorable to themselves?

If schools are so short on funding, why do so many administrators storm the office-supply stores in April spending all their budget so they do not get less next year? Instead of always giving them more, cut the spenders and put the money where it is needed.

Thank God that Republicans didn’t win in November. This week President Romney would be sending 50,000 troops to Algeria, and we’d end up with thousands of servicemen and women dead, tens of thousands of innocent civilians killed and billions of dollars lost to an unfunded war.

The 12-hour shifts of many health care professionals are not conducive to healthy lifestyle patterns. The benefits of working fewer days are far outweighed by the disruption and lingering effects caused by overly long workdays. This is especially true for those who work the overnight shifts.

Thanking God for honest people, I am heaping bushels of gratitude and blessing on the dear person who found my purse stranded alone in a shopping cart and turned it in to the Cox Store. Talk about stupid human tricks.

So, all the cowboys are running out to buy guns before they are required to have a background check. I wonder why.

Tyrants, dictators, communists and socialists all around the world agree – gun bans worked for them.

Will those who are so adamant concerning gun control post a sign in their yard stating that their home is a “gun-free zone” and no firearms are present in that dwelling?

I hope it doesn’t take many more mass shootings in this country for common sense to prevail in politics and for the archaic Second Amendment to be repealed.

Applying our government’s approach to controlling the number of deaths caused by guns, we should be able to lower the highway death rate by permitting only stick-shift autos on the road and limiting the gas-tank capacity to 6 gallons.

Before we get all worked up about people’s rights, I would just like to point out how really dumb smoking is.

You looked so classy driving your Corvette around. Then you dropped a cigarette butt out the window.

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