Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 21)

01/21/2013 12:00 AM

01/18/2013 7:10 PM

Lance Armstrong’s “confession” is just another carefully orchestrated event to try to save his career. He is only sorry that he got caught. It is obvious from his years of vehement denials that he never would have admitted doping if he hadn’t been caught.

If President Obama really wanted everyone to pay their fair share, he would push to eliminate federal income tax in favor of a federal sales tax. Everyone would pay the same percentage, including all those earning under the table.

To do a comparison between Barack Obama and Richard Nixon as presidents: Obama makes Nixon look like an innocent school boy.

Congress is debating whether or not to pay Americas bills – bills that were authorized by Congress. Seems it should be debating the debt limit for next year at this time, so it can shut down the spending ahead of time.

If guns aren’t needed by everyday citizens, why are the police and military asking for and getting the most sophisticated weaponry there is to defend themselves from all the imaginary violent crime in the cities? All citizens want is a fighting chance to defend themselves with more than a single shot.

Apparently the gun lobby looks at Sandy Hook and says, “We wouldn’t change a thing!”

We’ve all heard the quote, “Why do you rob banks?” and the answer, “Because that’s where the money is.” The modern version would be: “How do you choose a place to rob?” Answer: “Where the guns ain’t.”

If it is OK to print the names of gun owners, it should be OK to print the names of people on public assistance (and the monthly amount each receives).

Why is this president wasting everyone’s time by trying to rehash the Clinton administration’s worst policy failures?

These doughnuts are going to make me fat and be the death of me. We should ban assault doughnuts.

If Gov. Sam Brownback and his so-called Republican lawmakers get their way, all public schools will be closed. The children of the wealthy will go to private schools while the rest will live in poverty.

So, all the experts out there: Tell me, was it global warming that caused the Dust Bowl days in the ‘30s?

Why don’t Wichita gas stations use their large street-side signs to tell us if they sell ethanol-free gas, as gas stations do in Oklahoma City? Instead, here you have to pull up to a pump and search for a tiny decal.

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