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January 20, 2013

Opinion Line (Jan. 20)

The problem with people these days is that they have adopted tomorrow as a labor-saving device of today.

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The problem with people these days is that they have adopted tomorrow as a labor-saving device of today.

Wichita needs more trees and less litter. Would it be too much to ask homeowners and renters to pick up the litter in their street?

If Boeing lied to Wichita about its future here, why would it not also lie now to the country about the 787 problems?

People, chill. Plenty of fires have broken out in planes over the years. Quit picking on the 787. It’s revolutionary.

Is WE Blog (Jan. 16 Opinion) suggesting affirmative action for representation in the Kansas Legislature? Or is it soft bigotry that blacks, Hispanics, women, etc., are different and can only be represented by like individuals?

Dear Governor: I’ll agree to give up the home mortgage deduction on my state income tax when you eliminate the income tax.

The court says that schools are unconstitutionally underfunded. So the governor’s answer is to change the law. Our No. 1 goal should be to educate and protect the kids.

If Kansas farming goes corporate, within three years locker plants and 4-Hs will be closed. Corporations do not sell calves or lambs locally. But Gov. Sam Brownback will have brought in new industry, to not pay taxes.

There was a time that our state legislators were able to think on their own rather than relying on out-of-state carpetbaggers to provide them their guidance.

It seems that a prospective gun purchaser has to supply more information about himself than the president did to get elected and re-elected.

As a quiet, law-abiding, taxpaying citizen, I never want to depend on a gun to defend my life. But if I ever do, I want the most powerful, accurate, easy-to-shoot firearm I can get, and I don’t want to run out of ammunition before the other guy.

If 20 dead first-graders aren’t enough to convince the NRA that the manufacture and sales of assault weapons in the U.S. should be banned, what will be? Maybe a whole school or a hospital nursery full of newborns mowed down next time will do the trick.

It’s doubtful that when the Second Amendment was written, the authors had to consider the greed and avarice of powerful gun producers, merchants and lobbyists who financially benefit from lax gun laws. Should the financial gain of a few trump the safety and well-being of the majority?

President Obama said our first task as a society is keeping our children safe. I am guessing that he wasn’t speaking at a pro-life rally.

Deport all illegals and infiltrators. See how much that will save the U.S. See how many Americans that will put back to work. See how much tax revenue will increase by doing so. See how much money will be saved in “entitlements.”

Fact: It’s impossible to be angry while getting a massage.

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