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01/19/2013 12:00 AM

01/18/2013 4:19 PM

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What? There were American hostages in Algeria? And there’s no video to blame? Who messed this up?

The National Rifle Association’s intentions are clear: It cares much more for gun manufacturers’ and gun dealers’ profits than it does for saving our lives.

The tsunami of anti-gun propaganda is nonsense. What would make sense is a law indicating that if you are so stupid as to use a gun in the commission of a crime, you will do the time. Gun charges too often are bargained down. That option should be eliminated.

Paul Revere raced on horseback through the streets of Colonial Boston warning that the Redcoats were coming. The king’s men were coming to take away their guns and ability to resist. The Americans hid their guns and kept freedom and liberty. But now, for how long?

I’d like to ask my congressman to support the new gun legislation. But that congressman is Mike Pompeo, so my request will fall on deaf ears. He doesn’t understand he was elected to represent all Kansans, not just Republicans. Besides, the NRA endorsed him.

How can an elected officeholder who swears under oath to support the U.S. and state constitutions blatantly ignore a court ruling that states that Kansas is violating the state constitution? Isn’t that grounds for a recall?

How many “social gatherings” has Gov. Sam Brownback hosted this month at Cedar Crest?

The prisoners in El Dorado live better than most of us, with exercise facilities, TV and classes. I don’t think it is much in the way of punishment. What is the state teaching them? They don’t pay bills. They are living easy. That is why they keep going back to prison, which costs the taxpayers.

If spanking is so bad, why are those in the generation that got spanked not the ones who shoot up crowded theaters and schools? We all know the difference between a beating, which is a no-no, and a spanking. The latter, if used sparingly, can be useful.

If Vincent van Gogh were alive today, he would probably wear contacts.

I wish people who work in public, especially in the food industry, would stay home when they’re sick and not spread their germs to everybody. Restaurant owners should be fined if they allow their waitstaff and cooks to work when sick.

I’m going to learn to make Sudafed out of meth. Meth’s easier to get.

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