Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 18)

01/18/2013 12:00 AM

01/17/2013 6:28 PM

Too bad the media’s rectal exam of Manti Te’o is 1,000 times more intense than their examination of the background of our narcissistic leader in the White House.

I really wish the media could get their facts straight regarding the hostage crisis at a gas plant in Algeria. Both Jay Carney and the president have repeatedly told us al-Qaida is defeated and broken.

The NRA’s leaders are acting like the Republican Congress: They recognize there is an assault-weapons problem but they’re not going to do anything about it. Oh, wait – the NRA owns the Republican Congress.

While President Obama is adding resource officers to schools, how about adding resource officers at abortion clinics? In both cases, children could be killed. One’s legal. One’s not. Same outcome.

The NRA is right. Mental health is the problem. Now, how do we restore the mental health of the NRA?

It’s not so much a question of gun ownership as it is a challenge to society’s tendency to abrogate individuals’ liberties. Once given away, precious freedom is gone forever.

If your neighbor has an assault rifle, in the event of robbery just pray that he is a good shot. Every bullet he misses with has a range of a mile and can easily penetrate the walls of any house unlucky enough to be in the way.

No one in America will say that James Holmes, the Aurora, Colo., shooter, should ever be let loose in society again. Be it insanity, or first-degree murder, same result. Stop wasting time and money on a “trial” and get on with locking him up.

I just received the statement for my health insurance for the next year. It’s going up 15 percent and is going to cover even less than it did, thanks to Obama and the Democratic Party. I’ll remember them and the “law” Democrats voted for and didn’t even read first.

Maybe kids wouldn’t have to take these drugs to calm them down if they had more school activities outside, other than sitting all day long. It would help the overweight kids to get moving and healthy, too.

I don’t see how it is only the Christians’ responsibility to address the issue of hungry kids in our area or even the country. Maybe we should focus on what we can do together to relieve the hunger issue. Have you donated to the food pantry lately?

“Dear Abby” has passed away, joining her twin sister, Ann Landers. They provided advice to millions. They were two of Sioux City’s finest. Rest in peace.

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