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01/18/2013 12:00 AM

01/17/2013 6:05 PM

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Isn’t Gov. Sam Brownback just the best Robin Hood ever? He takes from the poor (sales tax) and gives to the rich (no income tax) and just ignores the law (court orders) when it doesn’t suit his agenda.

You Brownback haters should look at Nebraska, which is considering the same elimination of income tax. I guess he’s not out of touch after all. Maybe he’s ahead of the curve.

Leave it to Brownback to try to take the Kansas Turnpike Authority, which is well-run and self-supporting, and ruin it by merging it with the most inefficient department in state government.

It took Jean Schodorf a long time to figure out what the rest of us have always known: She is a Democrat.

Too bad Schodorf couldn’t switch to a party that fights for human rights and personal freedom (because there isn’t one).

As a Kansas Vietnam veteran, I am ashamed of Sen. Pat Roberts’ cowardice in refusing to support war hero Chuck Hagel to head the Pentagon. Our military deserves to be headed by a real enlisted soldier, not a Marine “officer” who only commanded the seat of his desk in peacetime.

President Obama: When I told my bank I wanted to lift my debt ceiling without any cuts in my spending, the bank said “no.”

The Constitution was written to limit the freedom of the American government, not to limit the freedom of the American people.

Is the NRA a cult or a religion?

Guns have only two enemies – rust and politicians.

Watching and reading the news sure doesn’t make me want to give up my gun.

Anyone who thinks an assault rifle is going to protect him from a tyrannical government needs to talk to a Branch Davidian, if he can find one.

Wouldn’t the United States be in better shape if more people followed the Ten Commandments?

I am extremely disappointed in Lance Armstrong and his admitted use of steroids. His achievement of seven Tour de France victories was incredible and all for naught. His roughest roads may be ahead of him.

I wish people would quit licking their fingers and eating off their plates when going through a buffet or salad bar. I saw someone grab a handful of croutons from a supermarket salad bar. No wonder there’s a flu epidemic.

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