Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 16)

01/16/2013 12:00 AM

01/15/2013 8:20 PM

Breaking news: Jean Schodorf changes to the Democratic Party. That’s nothing surprising. She’s always been left of even the mainstream Democrats. It’s nothing but sour grapes.

Schodorf just lost my vote.

Is Michael O’Donnell another Kris Kobach in the making?

It is politicians and bureaucrats, not guns, who need to be brought under control.

The NRA’s nonsensical stance on public access to assault-style weapons and large-capacity clips reminds me of how insane people delude themselves into believing their actions are sane.

Remember the “Brady bill”? It was supposed to end all violence with guns. Could anyone tell any difference it made? Another such bill will likely have the same effect.

Hitler’s regime had absolutely no resemblance to our checks-and-balances form of democracy. It’s the far-right conservatives in the U.S. who are doing their best to cripple our system, not the moderates and liberals.

Gov. Sam Brownback’s economic guru, Arthur Laffer, really lives up to his name. His fiscal theories are a joke, and his methods have been discredited and ridiculed. Still, he will be “Laffing” all the way to his bank to deposit Kansas “consultation fees.”

As a senator, Obama voted not to raise the debt ceiling. Now the hypocrite wants to raise it when he’s spending the money.

I know that The Eagle has to keep us up-to-date on Obama. But please quit putting his picture in the paper. We know what he looks like by now.

I would suggest that the holier-than-thou Christians read the story of the Egyptian god Horus that was written 1,200 years before the alleged birth of Jesus – although I doubt that it would change anyone’s thinking. One thing about Republicans and Christians – they never let facts interfere with their beliefs.

I think it is time for Los Angeles to get a new mayor if he believes that illegal aliens did not break any serious laws. This guy is what is not serious.

That Lance Armstrong sure is one big nut.

I watched the Golden Globes. Wow. I like movies, but Hollywood – not so much. There was a time when real heroes and heroines walked the red carpet. Now it’s mostly weird, unfunny freaks.

My neighbor got a shock collar for her dog so it stays in the yard. So why won’t she get one that stops it from barking all day?

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