Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 15)

01/15/2013 12:00 AM

01/14/2013 2:51 PM

Have you noticed yet that your paycheck has grown smaller (those of you who still have jobs)? Welcome to the USSSA, comrade.

Your paycheck is smaller this year than last. What a shame. Did you really think that the rich were the only ones to pay for all these government-provided benefits? If you did, then you were probably one of those just dumb enough to vote for this guy. And he wants even more.

Your smaller paycheck is the result of your anti-union jealousies. Get one and quit your crying.

Obama never fixes a problem. He just affixes the blame, and it’s never going to be on him.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many members of the NRA have been convicted in the use of firearms in violent crimes? My guess is very, very few.

The Second Amendment confers on citizens the right to firearms. It does not confer on them the right to ammunition. Laws should be passed to allow only registered dealers to sell ammunition, with every sale subject to a background check and recorded in a national registry.

According to the statistics published by the Justice Department, firearms save more lives each year than they take. About five times more.

The exaggerated, hyperbolic and over-the-top arguments that the NRA and gun lobby make, in favor of changing truly nothing regarding gun laws, feel exceptionally close to the strident arguments made in defense of forever keeping apartheid in South Africa.

We’ve seen some cold days in the USA. Time for Republicans to deny any global warming, buy bigger gas hogs, rail against efforts to add wind energy – anything that requires no sacrifice on their part.

Blowing dust, tumbleweeds and rattlesnakes aren’t a good sign.

Richard Crowson’s editorial cartoon in the Sunday Eagle was nothing less than sacrilegious. It made we want to cancel my subscription.

Last week a man called and was adamant about speaking with the owner of the home’s computer, saying there were problems. Not having any problems, I asked for the name of his company and phone number. He disconnected. Don’t fall for this scam.

I am tired of commercials that make men look stupid. I and a whole lot of people know what agenda they are pushing. If it weren’t for men’s inventions, you women would still be picking berries and living in caves.

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