Opinion Line (Jan. 15)

01/15/2013 12:00 AM

01/14/2013 2:50 PM

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Studies show that one thing will lift people out of poverty and is the hallmark of a strong family. What is this one thing? Education.

The Republicans grousing about the court’s school-funding decision are likely the same people who complain that kids don’t learn anything in school these days. Guess they missed the discussion of “irony” in English class.

No doubt the state Legislature will cave in on school financing and let the judges make the laws.

It won’t be long before Sam Brownback has total control of the courts in Kansas. All you folks who are worried about Obama being a dictator need to look closer to home.

Please, oh, please, Nola Foulston, run for governor. We need your levelheaded sense of truth, justice and the American way to lead this state back into sanity.

As long as we’re armed, we’re citizens. Once they take the weapons away, we’re only subjects.

Funny – the guy who wants to ban your gun rights just signed a bill to give himself lifetime Secret Service protection. Hint: They’re not carrying baseball bats under those trench coats.

Let me understand this: Our government wants to control guns, but is also releasing dangerous criminals out of prison early because of overcrowding conditions.

Will they now arm Ronald McDonald to protect the drive-through customers?

If someone sneaks up behind you and sticks a No. 2 pencil in your neck, have you been assaulted with an assault weapon?

It is ironic that people don’t want to be identified as gun owners by the media, as that might make them targets to be robbed. Isn’t that what they wanted to prevent by getting the gun in the first place?

People are influenced by watching movies in which actors smoke. Why do moviemakers deny that sex and violence have the same effect? Let’s consider that twisted minds may be less able to separate fiction from real life.

Parents: Keep your kids home when they’re sick. I realize this may cause inconvenience, but you’re also disrupting other families by getting their children sick.

Women: Please quit making bad decisions and then blaming it on men.

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