Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 13)

01/13/2013 12:00 AM

01/11/2013 7:11 PM

It is ironic that they call themselves “progressives.” All they are really doing is progressively stripping away our rights and freedoms on a daily basis. Gun rights are in their sights today.

Thanks, news media, for yet another shooting. You keep reporting, they’ll keep copying. Congratulations.

No gun has ever been known to cause a crime. Correct. Automatic weapons, pistols or rifles, with large clips, make it much easier to commit a crime of horrific magnitude in the hands of the person obsessed with killing. That must be controlled by laws.

It’s hard to believe those on the left are pushing for gun control in the name of safety for our children when they are so adamant about abortions being performed on demand. I guess it depends on which side of the birth canal you’re on as to whether they care.

Let’s protect our students with an 8-foot-high barbed wire-topped chain-link fence around all schools. Have one gate equipped with metal detectors, guards and a time clock so students can punch in and out. Regard it as training them for their future employers.

Even more problems with Boeing’s plastic plane. It has the potential to kill hundreds of people at a time, and yet the anti-gun nuts don’t have a word to say about it.

All bicyclists should be required to have full-size “slow-moving vehicle” signs mounted to the back of their bicycles since they are slow-moving and are entitled to the full lane of the road.

We have not been “paying into” Social Security and Medicare. There is no retirement account with our name on it. Our money has already been spent. There are only IOUs showing we owe each other money.

Wichita water customers are paying huge costs to recharge the aquifers where the area gets it water. Since well water comes from the same aquifers, how much are well users being billed for their water usage? We should not subsidize well owners who are using water with impunity.

It always amazes me that when someone says a bad word about K-State, people automatically think it was a person from KU who said it. Got news for you – there are people from other schools who were glad K-State lost in the Fiesta Bowl, too. Don’t give KU all the credit.

To the person who said that Oklahoma is the only true “power” in the Big 12: How come it lost to K-State and got demolished in the Cotton Bowl?

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