Opinion Line (Jan. 14)

01/14/2013 12:00 AM

01/11/2013 5:54 PM

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Let the punishment fit the crime: Sentence the KU fraternity boys who tortured the turkey to work on a turkey farm cleaning out the roosts for 10 weekends.

Why is it that the people who make the rules about what a person does on the job have never done the job themselves?

Guns don’t kill; neither do cars. Stoplights are an infringement on your rights, and just the first step in President Obama’s scheme to take away your cars. After the car and guns he’ll get your Farrah Fawcett posters and your possum traps. Better rise up.

If Obama and his bunch have such a sudden concern about guns, why don’t they show good faith by getting back all of the guns they gave away to the Mexican criminals?

When America had a draft, it allowed conscientious objection, even for something as crucial as national defense. Why can’t Obama allow conscientious objection to his contraception mandate?

Sales tax is the only fair tax there is. If you consume little, you pay little. If you consume a lot, you pay a lot.

Former House Speaker Mike O’Neal and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce happily helped run moderate Republican legislators out of office. Now chamber folks, newly including O’Neal, are saddened when xenophobes they put into legislative seats want laws passed to get rid of hardworking, lowly paid illegal aliens.

Ever since an Opinion Line comment about the increase in speeding tickets at 47th Street South and Meridian, I have been paranoid when I drive to work. I may need to look for an alternate route.

Enjoying a quiet drive home at 9:30 p.m. recently, I observed a teenage girl walking by herself looking at her cellphone and a white minivan driving with no headlights. So tell me again why there are so many assaults and accidents.

Motorists who choose to exceed the legal posted speed limit are certainly not law-abiding citizens. I suspect these same people would rob banks if they thought they would not get caught.

Come on, old-timer vets. You fought for these speed limits. Please try to at least hit them.

My grocery-store pet peeves: only two lanes open when there are long lines waiting, sackers putting one item in each bag and generally not knowing how to sack groceries, and employees who make rude comments about what I’m buying.

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