Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 11)

01/11/2013 12:00 AM

01/10/2013 4:47 PM

It sure looked like Hillary Clinton had more than enough Secret Service protecting her from the hospital to her van. Maybe she should have sent some to Benghazi, where help was really needed and asked for.

Judging from Page 3B in the Jan. 10 Local & State, it looks to me like the “Crime in your neighborhood” section will soon need an entire page of its own.

Our leaders are busy deciding how big our sodas can be, what food our school students must be served and what part of the Second Amendment they choose to follow (none, if they had their way). They are awaking a sleeping giant.

If you really want to stop school shootings, stop talking about gun control, repeal the “gun-free school zones” law, and take those silly and ineffective “no-gun” signs off the doors. Let the teachers and administrators defend themselves, and school massacres will be a thing of the past.

I am curious as to the NRA’s response the first time a concealed-carry vigilante shoots at a supposed bad guy and instead hits an innocent victim. Trained and experienced police officers often miss in an adrenaline-fueled face-to-face gun battle, so we can only guess where an amateur John Wayne wannabe will end up spraying bullets.

Mass killings have many causes, but a somewhat overlooked subject is Hollywood’s sick culture of violence. It just makes sense that a mentally disturbed person who witnesses multiple shootings, knifings and decapitations can be tragically affected. Hollywood should be urged to clean up its act.

There are no such things as “assault weapons.” It’s legal cosmetics, like prohibiting cars with racing stripes after a reckless driving pileup.

I just hope that those who freely criticized K-State’s fine 11-2 season were also Notre Dame fans. I can just see them, sobbing in their beer, after Alabama got done cleaning “invincible” Notre Dame’s clock in the national title game.

K-State has a nice program, but it is not a top-10 (or even top-15) team. The Big 12 is weak. The only true “power” in it right now is Oklahoma, in spite of the embarrassing performance against Texas A&M. K-State had a nice season. Leave it at that.

Fox Sports and other news outlets have treated the Olympians with such disrespect by reporting on the financial problems of the athletes’ families. What athletes are going to want to represent a country whose news media wait on the sidelines to devour them? This type of reporting will negatively affect our Olympic program.

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