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01/11/2013 12:00 AM

01/10/2013 4:47 PM

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Partisan compromise is a simple equation. After winning an election, do the victors only represent those who voted for them? The minority-vote percentage should indicate how much conciliation might be needed. Or do the losing constituents no longer matter?

I have a great idea for redistribution of wealth. I call it the “free enterprise system.” We will think for ourselves, do for ourselves, and take money for our work and products from the lazy and spoiled who don’t. What do you think?

The reason that so-called gun-control laws always fail miserably to reduce crime is brutally simple. No gun has ever been known to cause a crime.

Everyone should be required to take an anger-management course for every gun he owns or wants to purchase.

Regarding “Voter ID law criticized at Wichita forum” (Jan. 9 Eagle): Why don’t we see headlines such as, “Banks requiring photo ID under attack at forum”? Who is voting in any country is even more important to society than who is cashing checks.

Regarding “Woman abandoned with broken neck after crash” (Dec. 16 Local & State): What happened to the woman? Are there criminal charges to be filed against the people who reportedly left her? I remember this was very shocking but have heard nothing since.

Thank you, Oregon Ducks. You played a fine game and shut some mouths.

As a K State fan, I was disappointed but not embarrassed by the team’s loss in the Fiesta Bowl. It must have been a KU fan who thought we were embarrassed, since KU students haven’t learned how to play football yet. They just choke a turkey and throw it around.

The K-State football team certainly has no reason to be ashamed. According to the postseason polls, Oregon is No. 2 in the nation, and K-State lost its bowl game by less of a margin than Notre Dame did. If not for the Baylor loss, K-State would have been a top-five team.

It seems amazing that Brent Musberger’s G-rated, complimentary comments regarding the Alabama quarterback’s girlfriend, a former Miss USA contestant, would be called inappropriate when 80 percent of television programs are without talent or writing, and are unfit, unrehearsed, uncensored crap.

I don’t know why they’re coming here to look for Bigfoot. I think I already found him. He’s my neighbor.

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