Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 10)

01/10/2013 12:00 AM

01/09/2013 4:53 PM

Our lakes and rivers are polluted, infested and drying up. Where will we fish?

I am sure that the person who complained about the sand on the roads was the first person to also complain about the ice on the roads a few weeks back. The poor city crews can’t win for trying.

Did the man who shot his wife with his concealed weapon at a Lenexa steakhouse suffer any gunpowder burns? Was he cited for illegal discharge of a weapon? Will he lose his concealed-carry permit? Will the NRA ban him for life? Shoot – he’ll probably go open carry.

I would discourage the drawing of any sort of comparison between the inalienable right of owning weapons and the perversion of pornography. In regard to privacy, publishing the names of gun owners would result in an exponential increase in burglaries of homes on the list – while unoccupied, of course.

It is ridiculous to compare owning a gun to watching porn.

I read an obituary of someone killed in a car accident on icy roads in Wisconsin. Should cars or driving on icy roads be banned for all?

I watched a CNN interview with Alex Jones, a gun-rights advocate. Then Rep. Tim Huelskamp makes more nutty claims about the GOP. Talk about lunatic fringe.

The Democrats are big on freedom from religion, not so much freedom of religion.

As our Congress continues to ignore the will of the people, the calls for secession will grow ever larger. The South may just rise again.

To all those whining about Rep. Mike Pompeo and his job performance: He’s doing as he and all of his good old boy buddies do. Look out for their fat-cat masters. He’ll get elected as long as he wants to. He has an “R” after his name.

As a conservative I am against abortion, fluoridating water and gun control. Because every fetus in the greatest country on the Earth deserves to grow up toothless and heavily armed.

People who designate other people as fanatics won’t do much to advance their argument or their cause.

If you want to know the ugly truth about how America has negatively affected the world since World War II, watch the series “The Untold History of the United States.” It’s narrated by Oliver Stone and appears on Showtime. It will make you think twice about shouting “USA! USA!” the next time a president asks for permission to start a war.

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