Opinion Line (Jan. 10)

01/10/2013 12:00 AM

01/09/2013 4:53 PM

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My out-of-town visitors were appalled by the way downtown Wichita has gone to the birds, with thousands of black birds on rooftops, high lines and in trees. Given the money invested in downtown rehabilitation, the city should not be giving this impression to tourists, business owners and customers.

How about a bowling alley downtown?

Did all hardworking and successful employees of the city of Wichita get 8 percent raises, like City Manager Robert Layton? No? I’m shocked, truly shocked.

No wonder the city has such a budget problem. Whoever heard of an 8 percent raise? We don’t need a city manager and a mayor anyway.

God, guts and guns made America free. America is denying God, out of guts and banning guns. Guess what goes next.

So if guns don’t actually kill people, does that mean that seat belts don’t really save lives?

It is great to learn that people are urging an end to money-losing federal flood insurance. It is a classic example of politicians encouraging foolish people to build close to the ocean, and then bailing them out with taxpayer money after inevitable storms do their damage.

How is it that a state so firmly planted in the center of our nation elects politicians who position us so near the extreme margins of our society that we become inconsequential in the national debate?

I heard people were crying about the end of the payroll-tax holiday. We all knew it was temporary, and it already had been extended. Pay attention. Temporary means temporary.

Anyone thinking the U.S. health care system is inefficient and wasteful should just wait until the government gets ahold of it. There is no entity on this planet more inefficient and wasteful than the federal government.

I want to thank the kind and thoughtful person who paid for my lunch Sunday at Applebee’s at Maple and Ridge. I hope I get a chance to repay the kindness to someone else soon. You are a blessing.

Why are there not more “good” gangs as exemplified by Eagle Scout Jeremy Ebert (Jan. 2 Local & State)? Why do gangs have to use violence and criminal activity to enforce their code of conduct?

I found out that The Wichita Eagle sent its phone-subscription jobs to the Philippines. These are jobs that American people could fill.

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