Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 9)

01/09/2013 12:00 AM

01/08/2013 5:25 PM

As a lapsed Catholic, I believe that any God who would allow what happened in Newtown, Conn., to happen is not a God worthy of worship.

There is nothing like reports of gun control in the media to stimulate gun sales.

The president tries to act all concerned about the shootings in Connecticut, but never says anything about the 500 murders in his city of Chicago.

Big-city gangs of criminal psychopaths who shoot one another with guns our laws already forbid them to possess are the real problem. Lunatics who steal guns to shoot up defenseless crowds are rare, media-hyped aberrations.

If your sense of well-being or freedom is predicated on the “right” to speak freely while infringing others’ rights to keep and bear arms, then maybe you’re living in the wrong country. Hit the bricks.

Sen. Jerry Moran wrote that Americans “were forced to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve enduring the ups and downs of the ‘fiscal-cliff’ debate” (Jan. 6 Opinion). Perhaps he’s been inside the Beltway too long. I somehow doubt too many of his constituents spent the holidays obsessing over the fiscal cliff.

There are only a few rights that American leftists do not support. They are life, liberty and freedom of religion.

We had economic prosperity when Bill Clinton was president, yet he was impeached because he lied trying to cover up his womanizing. Obama is destroying the economy and lies every time he stands in front of a camera and opens his mouth. Something is wrong with this picture.

Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. When government cuts spending, it cuts services and jobs. This cuts demand and nongovernment jobs, which filters down to business losing demand. Your business or job is no longer secure and you could become unemployed.

Way too much time and money are spent on sports in this country. If we spent just a percentage of that time and money on things that make a difference on how we live and where we live, this country would be a better place.

My grandmother called from Wellington. She is afraid she will go to jail, as her momma cat gave birth to six kittens and it’s against the law to have more than four cats in a household. I told her to name them Sam, Kobach, Timmy, Koch, Pat and Jerry, and she wouldn’t get arrested.

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