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January 9, 2013

Opinion Line (Jan. 9)

Where we are as a country: “Texas Chainsaw 3D” is No. 1 at the box office.

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Where we are as a country: “Texas Chainsaw 3D” is No. 1 at the box office.

Please explain to me how creating more gun laws in this country would have stopped the young man in Newtown, Conn., from doing his terrible deed, since he used firearms purchased by and belonging to his mother.

We have gun-control laws and think we need more. But until man’s heart changes, all the laws are useless.

Do not come to my house for food, water and protection when a disaster strikes. I stockpiled them for myself, and I am armed and will keep you from getting my stuff.

I hope the congressional delegations from the East Coast remember how Kansas’ delegation voted against helping them when next we need help after a tornado, flood or other natural disaster.

The Obama administration: aiming to arm drug cartels and Syrian jihadis, and disarm Americans, since 2009.

A bill has been introduced to repeal the two-term limit for a president. It should not be repealed, and we should add our senators and House members to the list.

The Republicans caved in on Fiscal Cliff I, and no doubt they will cave in on Fiscal Cliff II (debt ceiling) and Fiscal Cliff III (spending cuts).

If Mitt Romney had been elected president we wouldn’t have to hear about the national debt, because Republicans only care about deficits when a Democrat is president.

If Romney had won the election, Republicans would be gloating about how their win has boosted the economic recovery. But he didn’t, so now they are trying to block it.

It’s not a “13th Street bridge” if it doesn’t tie 13th Street west of I-235 to 13th Street east of I-235. It’s just a poor idea.

USD 259 could help its budget problems if it eliminated busing and magnet schools, and made students walk to their neighborhood schools.

Is anyone authorized to talk about anything anymore? It seems every news article I read these days quotes someone who says something on condition they remain anonymous because they aren’t authorized to speak to the media.

Thank you, Alabama, for doing a great job.

To whoever created a random act of kindness at the west-side Village Inn on Saturday: A heartfelt “thank you.” It made a profound impact.

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