Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 8)

01/08/2013 12:00 AM

01/07/2013 5:22 PM

There is no longer a difference between federal Democrats and Republicans in regard to taxing and spending. Both parties favor big government, big deficits and less freedom for all Americans.

There were more police at the first day back at school for Newtown, Conn., than the day of the attack. You could see the fear in the students’ eyes when they approached the new school. There should have been a couple of officers instead of a war-zone setup. Kids aren’t stupid. Flashbacks are forever.

Nearly 10,000 people murdered by drunken drivers in just one year and people are worried about guns? Some people had better get their priorities straight.

When I see a gun moving and shooting of its own volition, I’ll believe guns kill people.

Think about it: If Hawaii had held off a few years to become a state, we wouldn’t have this president.

I’m so tired of the term legislative “package.” Basically it always means a group of measures grouped together to further decrease our rights as citizens.

When government flood insurance was enacted, it was sold as a way to save taxpayers money. It backfired. It rewards people who defy nature. We are subsidizing, even encouraging, dangerous development.

Get rid of DHS and TSA, two agencies that do nothing useful for the people and everything to grow federal bureaucracy and increase control over the population. Save our budget.

The foolish silliness that is the progressive movement is supported by hypocritical ministers who claim to believe in peace but are silent about the killing by the Obama administration. Drones, guns, crony capitalism, buying votes – all just fine if a Democrat does them.

Only a fool would think being pro-life and pro-gun is contradictory – the same fool who would kill the innocent unborn and keep guilty criminals armed.

Why do the national media grant John Bolton any time at all? He obviously is and always has been off his rocker, and his lack of character is evident in his refusal to apologize for the false accusations he made concerning Hillary Clinton’s recent medical condition.

Are employers going to be allowed to deny birth control to employees because of the employers’ religious beliefs? If so, I am going to create a new religion, and one of its primary beliefs will be that no government should be allowed to collect taxes from a member of my religion.

The “mute” button sure does come in handy when all of the ads come on. Some are cute, but most are stupid.

Bill Snyder is a good man and an excellent coach, but his last bowl victory was 2002.

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