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01/08/2013 12:00 AM

01/07/2013 5:21 PM

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And this is how we show the rest of the world how progressive we are in Kansas: While the rest of the country is legalizing pot, we have Uncork Kansas trying to get a bottle of wine in a grocery store.

If grocery and convenience stores are allowed to carry full-strength beer, the Legislature will put the mom-and-pop liquor stores out of business and dry up the supply of the lower-powered 3.2 beer at a time when law enforcement is spending unprecedented resources to curtail drunken driving.

I can purchase an assault rifle and 30-round magazines at a gun show without question, but heaven forbid that I can buy a bottle of wine at a grocery store.

So you think it’s OK to publish the names of gun owners? I would also like to see the names of those who watch porn.

Now that the Kansas Anti Zombie Militia has alerted Wichitans to the threat, expect a run on metal baseball bats. I have several left over from my sons’ baseball-playing days that I plan to offer to my less-prepared neighbors and relatives.

What? Mindless, entranced humans who consume everything while leading themselves to ruination? Those aren’t zombies. They’re Democrats.

The price of natural gas has dropped significantly. Even before the price drop, electric generators were being built using natural gas instead of coal. Build the new power plant in western Kansas using natural gas instead of coal.

John Boehner broke into tears when he was re-elected speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Me, too.

Thanks, city of Wichita, for spreading more sand on streets than needed for a winter weather event that didn’t warrant it. Now intersections are slick because of the sand. Way to go.

Does the city spend any money on cable Channel 7? If so, why? Stop it and save us money to use elsewhere. Channel 7 is a repetitious, low-value waste.

It seems it was a duck and not a cairn terrier that pulled back the curtain exposing the wizard of Oz Thursday night. There is great sadness in Whoville.

Way to go, Kansas State. You embarrassed yourselves and your fans at the Fiesta Bowl.

The Big 12 bowl results are good examples of how the conference is suffering from losing key members. Good luck keeping the conference competitive.

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