Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 6)

01/04/2013 6:10 PM

01/04/2013 6:10 PM

We defend our president, congressmen, governors, celebrities, sporting events, jewelry stores, banks, office buildings, factories and courts with men with guns. We defend our most precious children with a sign that reads “gun-free zone.” Brilliant.

I believe in the Second Amendment, so I believe gun ownership should be limited to rifles available in 1776.

According to the FBI, more people are killed each year with bats and hammers than with rifles. Does that mean we need to ban baseball and carpentry?

If I were a gun store owner I would ask my local liquor store owner how to lobby legislators to limit my gun show competitors, as they have the liquor sales in grocery stores.

An Ivory Coast New Year’s celebration stampede caused more than 60 deaths (mostly children between 8 and 15 years old). According to the liberal thinking, then we need to ban public gatherings.

Accusations made by Fox News’ talking heads concerning Hillary Clinton’s health were despicable. Journalistic giants like Walter Cronkite earned their distinction by combining excellent journalism with unimpeachable common decency and integrity. What do any serious journalists on Fox hope to be remembered for? Saying anything for a paycheck isn’t journalism.

I am appalled that Al Gore lacked integrity in his sale of his failing television network to Al-Jazeera. If Americans sometimes think that U.S. news is slanted, just wait until you watch this trash.

Your taxes are going up. Thank the Republicans who took us into two unfunded wars.

Suggested resolution for 2013: To get my vote, any politician must pledge to cut spending and cut taxes. Otherwise, dump him.

My New Year’s resolution: Remember to put 2013 when I write a check.

There is very little that happens each day in the U.S. that does not “outrage” someone. Syrians are being murdered by their government daily. Women in India are being raped. Muslim women are lucky if they are second-class citizens. Let’s get some perspective here.

A sperm donor is being held responsible by the state for child support? That is a terrible precedent to try to set. Another idiot idea by a bureaucrat. God save us from our government.

Going after a sperm donor for child support is a crock, but it’s less of a crock than taxpayers having to support the child.

Thank you to the Oregon Ducks. You did a very fine job.

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