Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 5)

01/05/2013 12:00 AM

01/04/2013 5:50 PM

The House approved Hurricane Sandy relief 354-67. Both Reps. Mike Pompeo and Tim Huelskamp voted “no.” This is disgraceful. Have they no compassion for the suffering of other Americans?

The name of the U.S. Senate should be changed to the Pork Bill Senate. Nothing changes there. It’s always the old cronyism. They just keep putting pork out for the people who donate to their party.

The bill for federal relief for Hurricane Sandy was so ladened with pork that it should have been sent to the president in a Hormel package. Another day in D.C., another day of squandering billions of our tax dollars.

Exposing the wasteful federal flood-insurance program, Texas Rep. Ron Paul said that free markets would never insure in flood-prone areas. It’s a losing proposition. He makes a great deal of sense by stating taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the inevitable losses.

One of the first things Hitler did was to disarm the population.

If paranoia is a sign of mental illness, doesn’t it mean that those who say they need assault weapons to protect themselves against the government should be the first targets of the NRA’s suggestion that we need to focus on mental illness?

We shouldn’t congratulate the president or congressional leadership for averting the fiscal cliff, since it was a crisis they engineered. The same goes for February’s phony sequestration and debt-ceiling crises.

In the state of Kansas, we can recall school board members, city council members, and House and Senate members. Is there a way to recall the governor? We need to recall Sam Brownback before he leads Kansas into the prehistoric age and turns us all into cave dwellers.

Fifty years ago, my grandfather sat me down for a talk. He told me to get as much education as possible and to never trust preachers, politicians and ladies of the evening asking for money. Not bad advice coming from an old oil-field worker with a sixth-grade education.

We lose Patti Page and Kansas State Fair legend Bardo, and hardly a word is mentioned about them. If they had doped themselves to death like others have, we would still be hearing about them months and years later. How sad.

Each morning I look forward to crawling under my car to get my copy of The Wichita Eagle. Then I get the pleasure of trying to read it. But not before refolding it and pressing out the creases. This level of service takes the joy out of reading the paper.

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