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01/06/2013 12:00 AM

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Hey, Washington: Grow up, why don’t you? No one is impressed every time you pull one of these last-minute “save-the-world” grandstanding ploys. Why not try thinking about the American people instead of yourselves for a change? That’s what your job is after all.

I think the fiscal cliff should have been allowed to happen. If we really want to begin to get rid of our current deficit, we must have more funds (taxes) and decrease spending (cuts). Any responsible person who pays bills or has a household budget knows this.

The last-minute plan was basically a piece of nonsense. Too bad we can’t fire our legislators like football coaches.

House Speaker John Boehner should have been fired. He is a yes-man so Obama can continue getting anything and everything he wants with no regard to citizens. Disgusting.

My wife just finished her yearly New Year’s Day shopping run. Talk about a fiscal cliff. The difference is that Obama can print money and raise taxes. I can’t.

By failing to put into effect the sequestrations that it approved a year ago, Congress once again signaled a lack of concern for the ballooning debt. It caved in again to allow the president unlimited spending. The nation will suffer when that debt bubble bursts.

Instead of a ban on assault rifles, how about we make it unlawful to murder? That way, even if you own such a weapon you can’t kill anybody with it.

Why does each car have to have liability insurance on it? Cars don’t cause damage; drivers do. Why doesn’t each driver have one liability insurance policy, no matter what car he drives? This would reduce processing time at the tag office.

Of course businesses support a higher sales tax (Jan. 3 Business Today). That transfers more of the cost of government to the poor and adds to the bottom line with tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy.

So happy to know that Gov. Sam Brownback prays (Dec. 31 Eagle). We will all need to pray once his tax plan starts taking effect. And since he appears to have a direct line to God, maybe he should ask if we can pray away bankruptcy.

While I consider the public behavior of the members of the Westboro Baptist Church offensive and wish they would be respectful at funerals, I would consider any attempt to outlaw their activities just as offensive and unconstitutional. The same happened in Nazi Germany.

I work in grocery retail and have a pet peeve: If my light is not on, my lane is not open.

Technology is killing the human spirit. Isn’t that what the devil wants?

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Is it just me, or is anybody else ready for 2014?

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