Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 7)

01/07/2013 12:00 AM

01/04/2013 4:30 PM

Fiscal cliff resolved? No, just delayed. How do I know? I was out walking and I saw a can in the middle of the street and it had a Washington, D.C., label on it.

Our great political leaders saved us from the dreaded fiscal cliff while we were falling off it. For their next act, they will raise the debt ceiling while blaming the other party for the country’s problems. I’m convinced that the majority of these people care only about re-election.

I’d be interested in reading whether Rep. Mike Pompeo’s “no” vote on the deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” represented the will of his constituents or his own.

The federal government borrows 46 of every 100 dollars. What is smart about that?

Obama might want to consider reading “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn and getting this nation back on track and right with God.

Obama flies back from Hawaii to raise taxes on the rich, doesn’t cut spending by a penny, then at great taxpayer expense flies back to Hawaii. I hope you rich people enjoy paying for all of his vacations.

New York and New Jersey want $60 billion for the people affected by the hurricane. Are they trying to tell us that none of them had homeowners’ insurance? What about the money the Red Cross gave them? They want the money to restore the beachfront property and have the taxpayers pay for it and have the rest of the money to put in their pockets.

Our public schools are fundamentally flawed. Too many teachers choose public education because it guarantees lifelong security. Rather than seeking professions that offer opportunity but also have risks, they know that union membership rewards those who will march lockstep and not rock the boat.

I would be interested in knowing if any of the family members of the victims of the many mass shootings are members of the NRA and what their position is now.

If you are shopping in the grocery store and decide you picked up something you no longer want, have the decency to put it back or hand it to the cashier. Stop putting your stuff all over the store where it doesn’t belong. And you wonder why we sometimes are having a bad day. It’s you.

While watching the Rose Bowl Parade, which we have always enjoyed watching, we noticed that those who do the announcing do more talking about everything else but the parade.

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