Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 3)

01/03/2013 12:00 AM

01/02/2013 5:43 PM

One thing people haven’t pointed out about mass murderers is that they are all young. Lock them up until they are 35 and we’ll be safe.

Out of the mouths of babes: Some young children were asked about school shootings. They agreed that armed guards would make them feel more safe. The idea has not gotten traction with politicians. Maybe they should listen.

Two people have been killed in New York City recently by being pushed in front of oncoming subway trains. When will we get sensible and outlaw them? Subways kill.

Many people don’t realize it, but gun control really means being able to hit what you shoot at.

The increase in gun sales is stimulating the economy and therefore adds to Obama’s success as president. I am a smiling liberal.

“Compromise” is Republicans caving to the demands of Democrats. The same goes for “bipartisanship.”

Every time you say “fiscal cliff” you should add “created by Congress.” Members of Congress created it to force themselves to do their job. It is all an inside job.

When are the Republicans going to realize that they are not the majority? I guess they will find out in 2014. We didn’t ask them to sign that agreement for Grover Norquist.

Maybe the 99 percent should go on strike for a day and put the 1 percent in a tight spot. It’s possible we could turn the economy around. If the 1 percent don’t abide, then go on strike again until they do.

The 112th Congress was officially the least productive Congress ever. This means that our rights were assaulted less than by every other Congress. That’s a good thing.

People volunteer to join the military, then come back crying about what happened to them. What did they expect? The people who were drafted out of high school and sent to Vietnam had to put up with malaria, booby traps, snakes, rocket attacks and Agent Orange, then were called “baby killers” by cowards.

So much for the government experimenting on humans – better known as the flu shot. Many who received the shot are contracting the flu anyway.

To all landlords: Why do you get mad at the post office and your mail carrier when you haven’t received a rent check? Do you really believe renters when they tell you the check is in the mail? Try looking at the postmark before you make a fool of yourself.

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