Opinion Line (Jan. 3)

01/03/2013 12:00 AM

01/02/2013 5:43 PM

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How pathetic. The people we send to Congress are telling us they averted a tragic fiscal cliff when all they did was postpone the problems they created.

Of course taxes are going up for all of us. The 1 percent wouldn’t have enough to pay for federal programs even if the marginal rate were 100 percent.

President Obama skewered Mitt Romney with the top 2 percent, then attacked House Speaker John Boehner with the same line. So we have tax hikes with no spending cuts. Obama has won. America has lost.

Your taxes are going up. Thank a Democrat.

There is no reason why any senator or representative should be re-elected. They have not done their jobs. We need to fire them all. Don’t believe their re-election promises.

What’s the new deadline for the next staged crisis?

Rep. Tim Huelskamp has become irrelevant in the House. Huelskamp votes against everything and is totally ignored by the GOP House leadership. The 1st District needs better representation.

Topeka math: Brownback plus Kobach equals Kansas setback.

Why go to Russia to adopt a child when there are so many in this country available for adoption? Vladimir Putin may have done the unadopted children in this country a favor by stopping U.S. adoptions from Russia.

I had five people tell me Monday that they wished the snow would go away. I guess they are not smart enough to realize that we are in a drought and such moisture helps the farmers’ crops, which in turn feed these people who wish the snow would go away.

It is ignorance gone to seed that Wichita is renovating the airport when it is much cheaper to drive to Kansas City, Mo. Besides, the airlines charge ridiculous fees and getting through security is pathetic. I will opt to either drive where I am going or just stay at home.

With KU stiffening entrance requirements, how will it field a football team? Oops.

Thank you to the Georgia Bulldogs. You did a very fine job.

Isn’t it ironic that people are very pious and God-fearing at Christmas, and a week later let all hell breaks loose on New Year’s Eve?

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