Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 2)

01/02/2013 12:00 AM

12/31/2012 5:28 PM

It’s not the guns, folks. Guns will just lie there and rust if untouched. It is primarily because the left is constantly working at flushing our morality and personal responsibility down the septic tank. Also, it doesn’t help the violence situation that they love to pit one group against another.

The Clinton-era “ban” was a complete failure along with the moronic 10-round magazine rule. Why repeat expensive failures?

Arm the teachers? They were hired to teach students, not be bodyguards. I wonder how many NRA members could snap off a shot and hit a gunman between the eyes before getting perforated by an AK-47 or equivalent.

Thank God the colonists possessed the assault weapons of their day, or this country would not be what it is today – or, I should say, what it was 100 years ago before the Democrats started to destroy it one piece at a time.

What kind of a person who has a mentally disturbed kid at home leaves loaded weapons in the house that the kid can get hold of?

I remember when this country’s painful experiences were limited to mere wars and “police actions.” That’s when we were still innocent. Those were the good old days.

Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the “free exercise thereof,” not freedom from religion. I served 23 years in the military defending that Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

We are so lucky to have a checks-and-balances type of democracy. Otherwise, the pie-in-the-sky types would run roughshod over the rights of the realists. Just bear witness to how well the religion-based governments of the world are doing.

For some reason I thought the United States was fine the way it was. Obviously, I was wrong and the majority want to live like North Koreans.

It is false that conservatives want control over your bedroom. Abortions stop unborn babies, not sex. Conservatives don’t speak against gay sex, only gay marriage. Conservatives use contraceptives, too; they just don’t want to pay for your birth control.

For decades we’ve allowed politicians to take money and use it to dump sand on beaches from Maine to Florida. Mother Nature promptly moves the sand back out into the ocean. Beach replenishing is futile. If Sandy taught us anything, it should be that we cannot fool Mother Nature.

My newspaper is showing its age every day with all of its wrinkles.

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