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01/02/2013 12:00 AM

12/31/2012 5:28 PM

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What I wanted for Christmas was for members of Congress to vote to help the people and not their parties. They should represent the people who put them there.

My whole life I’ve wanted to be unique. Now I will be. I am willing to have my taxes increased.

If you are a man of good health between 25 and 55 on welfare, shame on you.

So would the National Rifle Association recommend allowing Iran a nuke, since weapons are not the problem?

Others have said it and they are right. The Constitution contains a Bill of Rights, not a bill of needs. Whether I need an “assault weapon” is immaterial.

Sure – a teacher’s personal sidearm (probably locked in a desk) against an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine. Good luck.

What good do background checks do to buy a gun if these people get their parents’ weapons, like the kid who murdered all those innocent children and adults? Anyone can get guns and get around that law.

Now that the media have been kind enough to inform all of North America that a large number of the people of Los Angeles have voluntarily rendered themselves defenseless, this would seem to be a much less risky and more profitable time to visit the left coast.

Those who say we shouldn’t “politicize” the school shootings are missing the point. The availability of assault weapons is a political decision. It derives from laws passed by legislatures. It would make as much sense as saying we should not politicize elections.

Bureaucrats fire a minuscule number of employees for poor job performance, while private companies slash jobs to stay viable. Because of powerful union bosses, chances of reducing waste, fraud and corruption in government are slim.

The Wichita City Council has such a disproportionate focus on downtown, and yet the city ignores the infestation of pigeons and the dangerous droppings they leave behind. And the Christmas decorations are in a sad state of disrepair.

My New Year’s resolution: Avoid people who say “Everything will be OK.” When I ask for advice, I need more substance than that.

Shouldn’t there be a way to permanently remove your online footprint?

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