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01/01/2013 12:00 AM

12/31/2012 5:22 PM

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For people who have so-called pets that have to live in the freezing cold: Please at least give them appropriate accommodations and water that’s not frozen.

I love working between Christmas and New Year’s. No school buses, no aircraft traffic. Ahh.

Thank you to the person who found my purse the morning of Christmas Eve at the Andover Dillons. Everything was still in it. You made my Christmas and reinforced my trust in people. May God bless you.

The National Rifle Association says that the way to fight gun violence is with more guns. If that were true then we should fight fires with gasoline.

The NRA’s solution to gun violence is more guns. Its solution to climate change is more guns. Its solution to a quadratic equation is more guns.

If not for the NRA, we already would have lost the right to own firearms. If that right is lost, the next one would be the right to free speech. If that is lost, you would not be able to voice your opinion without some sort of punishment.

Given the success in other parts of the country, the Wichita Police Department needs to have a gun buyback event again. There seems to be a move by a lot of people to dispose of firearms right now. Get some guns off the streets and destroy them.

I wonder how many people are killed or hurt each year by people texting and not controlling their 5,000-pound weapons called cars.

Think of our debt as a puncture wound, our spending as bleeding and our taxation as a blood supply. Does it make any sense to replenish an ever-bleeding body? To stop the bleeding is to stop the spending.

Pick one: Grover Norquist is running/ruining our country.

Our country’s inexorable slide into socialism began when women gained the right to vote.

Let’s only pay our U.S. senators and representatives for 60 days of work, which will still make them overpaid for the very little work that they do.

Presidents should be limited to one term. They could get right to work and not waste the first four years campaigning.

When he smiles, Kris Kobach looks like Jack Nicholson in “The Shining.”

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