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12/29/2012 12:00 AM

12/28/2012 5:00 PM

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I read where the Ambassador Hotel was “ready to open and dazzle.” At those prices ($219 to $1,500 a night), I hope they have painted ocean views, sandy beaches or mountains on the windows. Do they understand where they are located?

Kansas Medicaid by any other name is still Kansas Medicaid. KanCare is not like private insurance with choices and options. Medicaid providers now have to deal with three companies with three different sets of policies and procedures. It is bad for business.

Why didn’t The Eagle tell us about District Attorney Nola Foulston’s bonus-pay program the last time she ran for re-election? Does The Eagle want to make sure a Republican doesn’t get away with it, too?

Before people are assigned to perform jury duty, there should be a way for seniors and the unemployed to volunteer. The people who really need the money would have a chance to make some, and those of us who don’t want to do it wouldn’t have to.

Was Rep. Tim Huelskamp elected to represent the citizens of Kansas’ 1st Congressional District, or was he elected to represent Speaker John Boehner?

Rep. Mike Pompeo: You have been strangely silent on the fiscal cliff, gun violence and the growing economy. Where are you? Koch got your tongue?

We do not need more laws to control guns. A man kills his grandmother using a hammer to crush her head. He serves 17 years. Then he shoots and kills two volunteer firemen. Why was he out of prison? Soft-on-crime liberals are the problem.

If I am to understand the anti-gun zealots, the guns commit the murders. So, using their analogy, let the people who committed the murders out of prison, and put the guns in prison.

Americans need to be able to buy high-powered firearms to protect their families. I’m sure that’s why Nancy Lanza bought hers.

The NRA will only be satisfied when every child is armed in utero.

On Dec. 21 the NRA told us that the good guys need more guns. On Dec. 16 in Topeka, two good guys (police) had guns. They died.

The purpose of the Second Amendment was to give us the right to protect ourselves against a tyrannical government. If the government has assault weapons, then citizens need assault weapons. It’s about limiting the power of government.

This country would be better off if the NRA, ACLU and U.S. Chamber of Commerce had never existed. They have never contributed a thing to improve the quality of life for Americans.

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