Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 31)

12/31/2012 12:00 AM

12/28/2012 4:43 PM

I wonder what the outcome at Sandy Hook Elementary School would have been if one of the teachers had been carrying pepper spray.

I thought it was interesting that NBC kicked Ann Curry to the curb off the “Today” show because she wasn’t young and exciting enough. But her idea of doing 26 acts of kindness is one of the best things to come out of the tragedy of Sandy Hook.

I am thankful Obama was elected instead of the best the Republicans could offer. Maybe now something positive can be done about the proliferation of assault weapons.

“Two dead after late-night crash.” “One dead after being stabbed.” Are we ready to ban vehicles and knives yet? I’m sure these lives would have been saved. See how stupid that sounds? Come on, gun-hating dreamers in fantasyland.

The New York subway kills again. Really. How many more must die before we ban subways?

It should scare people that gun sales are going up as well as ammunition sales. Who knows which gun owner will decide he likes to kill? It could be you in his way. I feel like we are going backward to the days of old (Dodge City type).

I am so sick and tired of liberals stating they are so concerned about dying children yet think it is all right to murder unborn babies. Give me a break.

The courts allow the use of DNA evidence to prove a person’s guilt or innocence, but refuse to allow DNA evidence that proves a fetus is a human being.

Right-to-work laws lower the standard of living for employees in states that enact such laws. Product prices are never lowered when employees are paid less. The extra profits apparently must go into the Republican business owners’ pockets.

Fair and balanced reporting on Fox News means having a liberal debate a conservative. Fair and balanced reporting on MSNBC means having a liberal debate an ultraliberal.

It is impossible to have freedom from religion because atheism, Darwinism and secular humanism are just as much religions as Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Don’t force your religion on others.

Interesting how non-Christians like to tell Christians how to behave.

Russia has banned adoptions to the U.S. – a cold war using orphans in need of a loving home. Shameful. Peace and love are a lofty goal, but there will always be people like Vladimir Putin we need to be wary of.

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