Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 29)

12/29/2012 12:00 AM

12/28/2012 4:42 PM

The National Rifle Association is far more interested in increasing gun sales for manufacturers than it is in preventing children from being blasted with assault rifle bullets.

The anti-gunners’ rationale is that if they ban so-called assault rifles, the violence will come to a dead stop. Am I the only one thinking there is something wrong with this ideology?

The NRA solution to drunken driving: more alcohol.

Why does the NRA, or anyone else, think it has to comment on a shooting? The NRA shot no one. The NRA armed no one. The NRA defends our constitutional right to bear arms. Nothing more or less.

As if the Second Amendment hasn’t been extensively reviewed by scholars and the Supreme Court (on several separate occasions), are you self-anointed scrutinizers really going to tell us that a “well regulated militia” would not need military-style weapons and all of their accoutrements?

As some groups want to have more and more people carrying guns, how many more George Zimmerman situations will we have?

Don’t buy the liberal news outlets. More law-abiding Americans favor their rights to keep their guns and would rather not be at the mercy of the government or some other thug.

How ironic that the people who adamantly argued for stricter rules and regulations with regard to voter registration and voter-ID laws, claiming it would eliminate voter fraud, are the same people who now adamantly argue that stricter rules and regulations with regard to guns and gun laws won’t change or eliminate gun violence.

OK, I give up. The Democrats are right. Even though Obama has run the country for the past four years, everything that is wrong with America is the Republicans’ fault.

We complain about outsourcing jobs to other countries, but don’t think twice about adopting children from other countries. What is wrong with adopting children from the U.S.? People don’t want abortion but don’t want to adopt children born in America. What is wrong with this picture?

Why do we need five full-time Sedgwick County commissioners each making about $85,000 a year? Let’s cut the county budget starting at the top for a change.

Every night I drive home after dark and see at least one and sometimes more than one vehicle driving on the street without its headlights on. Why doesn’t the Wichita Police Department enforce traffic and commonsense safety laws?

Instead of building someplace to house veterans, Kansas City should figure out why they are homeless to start with and have a project to find jobs for them. Make a national model for others to follow.

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