Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 28)

12/28/2012 12:00 AM

12/27/2012 4:56 PM

Where is the public outrage regarding this pending fiscal-cliff plunge? Between selfish partisanship and re-election campaigns, every American will soon pay dearly due to the neglected responsibilities of a few on a huge subject that everyone saw coming.

Let’s be clear about this: Those making more than $500,000 a year should pay the top tax rate on all their income with no exceptions. They have gotten these exemptions with large political contributions over the years and by employing lobbyists to fight for them.

So now the stars are coming out of the woodwork to take a stand on gun control. Do they think we’re ignorant of the fact that most of them have made their fortune making movies glorifying the gun? I call that hypocritical.

“Gun control” presents difficult public policy questions on which reasonable adults can and do disagree. The suggestion that we should answer these questions by asking small children their opinions is silly (if seriously meant) or contemptible (if intended as heartstring-tugging rhetoric).

No more guns means no manufacture, distribution or sales of them. Now would be a great time for the U.S. to lose a couple hundred thousand more jobs. Good idea.

The most recent statement from the NRA shows that it has all the compassion and sensitivity of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Is the NRA, besides calling for an armed security guard in every school, going to call for the same in every movie theater, church, mall and college campus building?

Have the Obama administration buy back all the .223 Bushmasters at a couple thousand dollars each. Then transport them via Air Force One to Mexico City and sell them to the drug cartel. Let’s call this “Fast and Furious II.”

A potential gun buyer’s desire to own an assault-style weapon is all the proof I need that he is lacking either the maturity or the mental stability to possess any firearms at all.

The “western Kansas bumpkins” bring a lot of money to Wichita. They consult attorneys, financial advisers and medical doctors; attend concerts and athletic events; buy cars and shop, shop, shop. Let them back their vehicles into parking spaces. Say, “Welcome and come again.”

Christians want everyone to say “merry Christmas.” But they don’t accept others wanting to say other things. I have no problem with you wishing me “merry Christmas.” Why can’t you be happy with my “happy holidays” greeting? Your way or the highway? That is not Christian-like.

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